(English) How Emotionally Intelligent are Pre-Service Teachers?

Авторы: Р. Коркоран и Р. Тормей 

Abstract. Although there is evidence that teacher emotional intelligence is important for pupil adjustment andlearning and for teachers in managing the emotional demands of their work, little is known about thelevels of emotional skill of teachers and beginning teachers. Using Mayer and Salovey’s emotionalintelligence (EI) model and the MSCEIT test of EI, this study investigates how emotionally skilled studentteachers are (N¼352). Results show lower than average levels of EI among student teachers, but withimportant differences between students and across emotional skill areas. The implications of the findingsfor pre-service teacher education are explored.  

Опубликовал 28 Март 2013.
Размещено в EQ, Конференция, Новости.

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