(English) Enhancing Sales Performance Through Emotional Intelligence Development

Авторы: SUE JENNINGS, Manager Tools and Methodologies, Organisational Effectiveness and Management Development, Qantas Airways Limited;

DR BENJAMIN  R PALMER, Director of Research and Development Genos Pty Ltd.

Front line sales managers  and sales representatives  were put through a learning and development programme on emotional intelligence designed to enhance their sales performance. The emotional intelligence and sales revenue of participants was measured before and after the programme and compared to that of a Control Group who were only assessed before  and after the programme (i.e., given no development).  The emotional intelligence of the participants was found to improve by a mean of 18% while the Control Group decreased by 4%. In addition, the total sales revenue of the participants was found to increase by an average of 12% in comparison with the Control Group. While several studies have reported positive relationships between emotional intelligence and sales performance, this study is one of the first in the world to report improvements in sales revenue resulting from emotional intelligence development. The methodology of the programme is outlined and the way in which it could be adapted to improve other human captial variables, such as leadership and employee engagement, are discussed.

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