Morning of a New Day

Morning of a New Day

Recollect this morning. You woke up to the tune of your alarm clock, looked through the window to see the same landscape, felt the habitual scent of coffee… Everything is accustomed. But see through the trick. While you were sleeping the world has changed. How many new ideas appeared during one night? How many new discoveries were made? Just try to imagine all this sea of information. Can you feel this coming tsunami? Nevertheless only one night has passed.
Эмоциональный интеллект в краудсорсинге или как верить людям?

Эмоциональный интеллект в краудсорсинге или как верить людям?

Случалось ли вам, задумываясь о своем деле, опрашивать людей: нужен им продаваемый вами товар или нет? Как часто продукцию, показавшую хорошие результаты опросов, никто не хотел покупать? Так в чем же дело? Выходит все эти милые люди на улицах, участвовавшие в опросах, подло врали нам в лицо?
The Many Faces of Crowdsourcing (Emotional and Sustainable Crowdsourcing)

The Many Faces of Crowdsourcing (Emotional and Sustainable Crowdsourcing)

It is believed that the level of intelligence of a crowd is less than the level of intelligence of an individual in that crowd. Meanwhile, we all know examples of how a group of specialists can figure out intellectual problems that cannot be solved by even a very gifted individual. Both cases we have deals with crowdsourcing. Therefore, it is possible to assume that the behavior of a group of people can be divided into two subsections: emotional and sustainable (rational) crowdsourcing. We will analyze the extreme cases of the manifestations.
Эмоции определяют поведение. Эмоциональный интеллект: как его оценивать и зачем?

Эмоции определяют поведение. Эмоциональный интеллект: как его оценивать и зачем?

В последние десять лет ЭИ привлекает внимание многих людей, например, таких как предприниматели, топ-менеджеры и охотники за головами. Откуда такая заинтересованность в ЭИ?

Свежие мысли

«The Emotionally Intelligent Manager» presented in Ukraine


On June 8, at 18:30 in the Hilton Hotel’s New York meeting room in Kyiv the book «The Emotionally Intelligent Manager» by David Caruso and Peter Salovey was presented in Ukrainian.
A concept of emotional intelligence (EI) was appeared in 1990 and became wide-spreading in Science Field of Western countries (UK, Germany and United States). It includes a number of skills in emotions perception, understanding and management which successful leaders must need to consider. The emotional intelligence is a component in the evaluation of leadership development along with the concept of IQ (intelligence quotient). The research authors have taught thousands of managers around the world to use the skills in their work. They, also, in collaboration with John Mayer, created a test that determines a level of emotional intelligence – Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT). Далее...

«Emotionally Intelligent Manager: How to Develop and Use the Four Key Emotional Skills of Leadership»!

Dear friends, let me share with you our joy. Finally, we together with our colleagues published the book of 23 President of Yale University Peter Salovey and co-founder of EI Skills Group David Caruso called «Emotionally Intelligent Manager: How to Develop and Use the Four Key Emotional Skills of Leadership»! Authors as establishers of Emotional Intelligence comcepshion are published in the Post-Soviet space for the first time!


A meeting with David Caruso at Yale University

On January 14, 2015 Helen Viktorova, our project partner, had a unique chance to represent Crowdintell and language center X-Language at Yale University. After the presentation David Caruso arranged an excursion along all campus buildings, libraries and workshops of the university. Helen was lucky to take part in a workshop at emotional intelligence lab, exchange opinions with American colleagues (a special thanks to Doctor Brion for a marvelous presentation), and then to have dinner in one of the 12 canteens of Yale, and, moreover, to visit Doctor Caruso’s study.

Congratulate us on such an important step – a meeting with colleagues who have been supporting us remotely for a long time. We thank the vice dean professor David Caruso for an invitation to make a presentation in the heart of the university. One day in 1990s professor Caruso together with the President of Yale, Peter Salovey, and John Mayer created the concept of “Emotional Intelligence” which is successfully used by our partner – center of foreign languages X-Language – for teaching students, as well as in our work. Now we have got acquainted face to face and we will keep on being friends!


Behavioural Economics: New Approaches Emotional Intelligence and Business

This is the 1st part of scientific collected book containing the results of the Second International Conference called «Behavioral Economics: New Approaches. Emotional Intelligence and Business», which took place from November 1st to May 1st, 2014.

During the Conference the problems of EQ researches development and apply were discussed. The conference brought together scientists, teachers, practitioners and graduate students who developed scientific and practical projects in the field of EQ. They all come from Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Australia.

Phenomenological conception of decision-making mechanisms. Dynamic Emotional Intelligence

People make decisions. Different.

Decisions, negligibly influencing people who make them and their closest relatives and friends, for example, the choice of the film, that the whole family will watch or buying clothes for school children, are for the most part can be attributed to rational and reasonable, although there is little rational reasoning in them, just a result is insignificant.

Managerial decisions that affect the employees and that therefore should be rational and reasonable, very often are not like this.

Decisions made by spouses, certainly would have to be rational, at least to maintain positive emotions, but many such decisions are taken under a flurry of negative emotions, insults and ridiculous expectations, resulting in sad statistics – the divorce rate is growing.

Decisions taken by governments, are repeatedly discussed, analyzed by all sorts of experts and of course belong to the rational ones, but even they sometimes encounter opposition, criticism, rejection among the public, that throws them off, even seemingly to the detriment of itself. Why? Далее...

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